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Helping Your Employees Transition Into Retirement

The shift from defined benefit pension plans to defined contribution plans has not only shifted the responsibility of saving for retirement to the employee, it has also shifted the responsibility of figuring out how to create income from this savings to the employee.

Too often, employees retire without appropriate

How Nested Interest Can Help

Nested Interest can help employers better prepare their employees for the financial challenges of retirement in a variety of ways:

  • On Site Training – we can provide training in a worksite or offsite setting that will walk participants through the financial risks of retirement, how retirement affects many of the traditional rules of investing, the range of financial products that are available to help create income and protect against risk, and how to build a retirement income plan.  We can coordinate content with your benefit managers, so employees can understand the limitations of these programs and how they can integrate external programs to achieve their desired level of protection.
  • Webinars – we can provide your employees with financial education through webinars, focused on specific topics that are of greatest interest.  We would be happy to work with you and create customized content where appropriate.
  • Access to Our Platform – you can provide your employees with access to the Nested Interest website, which provides valuable information about retirement income planning, as well as a variety of planning tools that they can use to start their own planning for retirement.  We also provide a listing a various no load financial products, and a directory of fee only financial advisers that they can contact if desired.  Contact us about special group pricing.

Why Nested Interest?

There are several reasons why Nested Interest is uniquely qualified to help your employees:
  • Objectivity – we do not sell financial products or manage the asset of our clients.   You can therefore be confident that we will not be steering your employees in a direction that will be to our financial benefit.  Our sole focus is on educating your employees about as many options as possible, and understand their relative benefits.
  • Retirement Income Experts – all we do is retirement income planning, so we are deep experts in this particularly complex field of financial planning.
  • Great Technology & Resources - we will provide your employees access to world-class planning technology and resources that will allow them to get firm handle on important planning issues.  Typically, other financial advisers do not provide direct access to these resources, you must go through them.

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