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Services to Financial Advisors

Nested Interest is pleased to offer services to financial advisors, helping them fulfill the retirement income planning needs of investors.

Connecting Advisors With Investors

We offer services to customers designed to help them further their understanding of retirement income planning.  Each customer has unique financial needs and require different levels of financial guidance.

To better accommodate theses needs, we are forming a network of independent financial advisors who are familiar with the financial strategies we create to provide retirement income.  Customers requiring additional assistance can contact an advisors in our network – a directory listing each financial advisor, along with a brief profile of their background and experience, is available on our website.  NI Web 20110728 SRG_6 Directory

In addition, the financial plan document generated by our Strategy for Livelihood platform includes profiles of financial advisors in our network that are in close proximity to the customer.

We believe that this arrangement offers unique benefits to both customers and financial advisors, including:

1. More Productive Dialogue Between Advisor & Client

The educational and analytical services provided by Nested Interest allow customers to better understand important planning issues, which, in turn, results in a more productive conversation between the customer and the advisor.  The “pre-work” done by the customer, including the gathering of important financial documents, identification of future needs and goals, and preliminary assessment of the ability of existing financial resources to meet these needs and goals, allows the advisor and customer to more quickly get to the heart of critical planning and execution issues.

2. An Excellent “Jump Start”

The financial analysis that we deliver to customers comes with detailed blueprints, which provides an excellent “jump start” to financial advisors that are focused on the execution of the client’s retirement income strategy.

3. Enhanced Trust & Comfort

Including a third party in the planning process increases the customer’s comfort level with the advice and financial guidance that they have received.

4. Implementing the Plan

Customers may want the services of a financial advisor to scan the market for specific investments, annuities, or other financial products to put their plan into action.

Access to Leading Edge Retirement Income Planning 

In addition to connecting financial advisors with investors, Nested Interest also supports financial advisors in our network by providing “back office” services to assess the retirement income needs of their clients.

NI Report Design 20120120_1

Using our proprietary planning technology and deep domain expertise in retirement income planning, we work closely with the advisor to help them quickly and efficiently identify sound financial strategies for their clients.


If you are a financial advisor and interested in finding out more about our these services,contact us by email and we will be happy to provide more detail.