Invest Yourself For a Better Retirement™

Services To Individuals

Nested Interest provides a variety of services that are designed to help individual create risk-intelligent retirement income strategies.


The “brain” behind the financial strategies produced by our retirement income planning tools, Nestor uses the information provided by you about your financial situation, a set of defined assumptions, and a rules-based portfolio construction methodology to engineer risk-intelligent retirement income strategies.

The strategies created by Nestor both mitigate key financial risks associated with retirement and provide a path to meet your future income needs. Not only does Nestor figure out what actions to take today, but it also estimates how your financial picture may evolve during your retirement. He’s quick, easy to use, and free!

Hire Nested Interest to Create a Retirement Income Plan

If you prefer, Nested Interest can create a plan for you for a flat fee of $385.00, a competitive price that reflects our low cost service delivery platform.  Just send us an email - we will then forward you a sample report, questionnaire, and a planning agreement.  Once you submit the completed forms and make payment, we will perform our analysis and send you a report that lays out a retirement income strategy within the next 2-3 days.  We will be happy to answer any question you may have after reviewing your report.

20% of our fees are donated to, which helps promote financial literacy by helping low-wage workers meet savings goals and place them on a path to economic stability.

Financial Product Directory

Do you have a pretty good idea of the financial strategy you want to use, but are looking for competitive, high-quality financial products?

Check out our Financial Product Directory, which includes detailed information on specific annuity, mutual funds, and exchanged traded funds currently being offered by reputable financial firms. You can compare product features and pricing, while also obtaining some information about the firms that are standing behind these products.

Financial Advisor Directory

Do you think you have a retirement income strategy that makes sense, but are looking for a second opinion from a professional? Or, perhaps you have an unusual or complex personal financial situation that requires special attention?

Check out our Financial Advisor Directory, which has a listing of several fee-only financial advisors that are ready to help you. Read reviews provided by their clients, and take a look at each advisor’s areas of specialization, professional credentials, and work history to find the professional who is a good fit for your needs.


Get smart about retirement income planning by reading our points-of-view (“POVs”) on a variety of retirement related issues, including:

  • Financial behavior and how it can affect your financial success
  • How retirement income planning is different than asset accumulation, and why you need to invest differently
  • Insights on financial products
  • Pros and Cons on different investment strategies for retirement
  • Key risks of retirement and how to mitigate them
  • Other challenges to conventional wisdom

Worksite Education

Today’s generation of retirees must shoulder a much larger part of the responsibility to meet their future retirement income needs than prior generations, and, in many instances, have not received the training or education to understand some of the fundamental issues that they need to consider.

Nested Interest can help educate your employees who are preparing for retirement about the financial risks that they will face, the range of financial products and retirement income strategies that they can use to meet their needs, product/decision advantages and disadvantages, and how they can mitigate the risks associated with their retirement.

By being informed, and having access to the tools they need to assess different approaches to fulfilling a future income, they will be better prepared to meet their goals.