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AM Best Ratings

AM Best Company rates the creditworthiness of issuers.  The Best’s Financial Strength Rating (FSR) is an independent opinion of an insurer’s financial strength and ability to meet its ongoing insurance policy and contract obligations. The FSR scale is comprised of 16 individual ratings grouped into 10 categories: consisting of three Secure categories of “Superior,” “Excellent” and “Good;” and seven Vulnerable categories of “Fair,” “Marginal,” “Weak,” “Poor,” “Under Regulatory Supervision,” “In Liquidation” and “Suspended.”


A++ and A+ Superior

A and A- Excellent

B++ and B+ Good


B and B- Fair

C++ and C+ Marginal

C and C- Weak

D Poor

E Under Regulatory Supervision

F In Liquidation

S Suspended

Click here for more information on AM Best’s rating methodology.

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