Invest Yourself For a Better Retirement™

Nestor: Information Needed From You

Single or Joint Life Analysis

Indicates whether the analysis will be for one or two individuals


The current age(s) of the individual(s), which is used to define the length of the period of analysis and the estimated price of annuities


Used to estimate the price of annuities


The amount of money available for retirement

Sources of Income

Wages, pension benefits, social security, and other sources of income that you expect to receive during retirement.

Spending Curve

The pattern of discretionary spending you anticipate during retirement. The model accommodates 4 different types of spending curves:

Curve Description (before inflation effects)

  1. Steady Eddie“: a constant dollar amount
  2. Harvester“: decrease 5% per year to age 85; flat thereafter
  3. Squirreler“: increase 3% per year to age 90; flat thereafter
  4. Cake Eater“: decrease 7% per year to age 85; flat from age 85 to age 90; increase 7% per year thereafter

Investing Behavior

How, if at all, you would adjust your investment portfolio in a bad market scenario

Spending Behavior

Whether or not you would reduce your spending in a bad market scenario

Basic Spending

The annual spending amount that is most essential for you to meet each year during retirement

Reserve Savings

The minimum amount of savings you want to be sure to have available at any time during your retirement.


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