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Charles Schwab

International Equity ETF

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Company Description

"The fund provides broad exposure to international large-and mid-cap companies in over 20 developed international markets. It seeks investment returns that track the performance, before fees and expenses, of the FTSE Developed ex U.S. Index made up of approximately 1,400 international stocks."


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California, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas

Minimum Premium or Deposit

Fund Name

Schwab International Equity ETF

Target Index

FTSE Developed ex. US

Index Description

“The FTSE Developed ex US Index is part of a range of indexes designed to help US investors benchmark their international investments. The index comprises Large (85%) and Mid (15%) cap stocks providing coverage of Developed markets (23 countries) excluding the US. The index is derived from the FTSE Global Equity Index Series (GEIS), which covers 98% of the world’s investable market capitalization.”



Share Weighted/Cap Weighted

Cap Weighted

Geographical Concentration of Index

Top 10 countries (with % of net assets), representing 88.86% of total net assets of index, as of 1/30/2009:

Japan 22.41%
UK 18.18%
France 9.97%
Switzerland 7.21%
Germany 7.11%
Canada 6.90%
Australia 5.31%
Spain 4.33%
Hong Kong 4.02%
Italy 3.42%

Market Cap Orientation of Index

Large & Mid Cap

Number of Constituents in Index

1,339 as of 1/30/2009

Market Cap of Constituents in Index

$7,990.4 Billion, as of 1/30/2009

Top 10 Constituents in Index

As of 1/30/2009 (with Index Weight):

Nestle 1.70%
BP 1.68%
Total France 1.50%
Roche Hldgs 1.24%
Vodafone Group 1.23%
HSBC Hldgs 1.18%
Novartis 1.17%
GlaxoSmithKline 1.15%
Royal Dutch Shell 1.11%
Toyota Motor 1.05%

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Expense Ratio


Other Fees & Loads

Purchase Fee None
Redemption Fee None
Account Service Fee None
Sales Load/Fees Varies by Broker

R Squared to Index


Minimum Deposit




Options Traded


Top 10 Holdings

(11.18% of net total assets) as of 11/10/2011:

Nestle 1.64%
Vodafone 1.24%
HSBC Holdings 1.15%
BP 1.11%
Novartis 1.11%
Royal Dutch Shell 1.06%
Smasung 1.05%
Glaxosmithkline 0.97%
BHP Billiton 0.96%
Total SA 0.89%

Number of Constituents in Fund