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New York Life

Insurance Company

Ratings: AM Best A++ S&P AAA Moody's Aaa

Company Description

"At New York Life, we believe that your retirement years should be all that you hope for...That’s why we offer Guaranteed Lifetime Income products—to help you enjoy peace of mind in your retirement, knowing that your retirement income will last as long as you live. That’s the promise we make to you: retirement income that lasts. It’s a promise that’s as good as gold."


Fixed Immediate Annuities, Longevity Insurance


California, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas

Minimum Premium or Deposit


Lifetime Income Annuity

States Available

Not Available

Minimum Premium


Max Premium (without home office approval)


Issue Ages

Not Available

Available Benefit Modes


Life & Periods Certain Available

Yes, 5, 10, 15, and 20 years

Periods Certain Only Available

Yes; 5 to 30 years

Joint & Survivor Available

Yes, with benefit continuation from 40% to 100%

Cash Refund Available

Yes, death benefit equals premium less sum of benefits received

Inflation Indexing Available


Cost of Living Adjustments Available

Yes, 1% to 5%

Pricing: Male, 65, Pure Life, No COLA, $100,000 Premium

$557.14 monthly benefit



Cash Value


Other Features

Changing Needs Option allows you to structure a one time adjustment to future benefits, up to a 5x increase or 50% reduction, after 3rd anniversary

Income Enhancement Option adjust benefits higher if interest rates increase (one time increase after fifth policy year if benchmark rate increases 2% or more)

Payment Acceleration allows you to withdraw up to the next 6 monthly payments at one time; can use twice during your lifetime.

Cash Withdrawal provides one time opportunity to receive discounted value of future payments, either 100% of any future guaranteed payments or 30% of life contingent benefits (requires proof of loss & only available on 5th, 10th, or 15th anniversary)