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Pacific Life

Insurance Company

Ratings: AM Best A+ S&P A+ Moody's A1

Company Description

"With Pacific Voyages, you have: The Power of Diversification® Flexibility to choose investment strategies that best fit your goals. The Power of Choice® Optional benefits providing principal protection and lifetime income."


Variable Immediate Annuities


California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas

Minimum Premium or Deposit



Pacific Voyages Variable Annuity

States Available

Not Available

Minimum Premium


Max Premium (without home office approval)


Issue Ages

Up to age 85

Available Benefit Modes

Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, Monthly

Life & Periods Certain Available

Yes, 5 to 30 years

Periods Certain Only Available

Yes, 5 to 30 years (tax qualified limited to IRS life expectancy)

Joint & Survivor Available

Yes, choice of 100%, 66.67%, or 50% benefit continuation upon first death

Cash Refund Available

Not available.

Other Separate Account Charges

Maximum: 0.15%
Current:   0.15%

Fund Operating Expenses (recent year)

0.28% to 1.70%; varies by fund

Premium Load (for Premium Tax)

0%-3.5% (based on state & tax qualification)


To be determined

Assumed Investment Returns

Not Available

Guaranteed Minimum Income Benefit


US Large Cap Stock Index Fund / Fee

Full Equity Market Indexed Fund / 0.28%

US Mid & Small Stock Index Fund / Fee

Full Equity Market Indexed Fund / 0.28%

US Bond Index Fund / Fee


Foreign Stock Index Fund / Fee


Number of Funds Offered



Not Available

Cash Value

Not Available.

M&E Fee

Maximum: 1.00%
Current:    1.00%

Other Features

Death Benefit on outstanding period certain payments