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Pru Rock


Life Insurance Company of America

Ratings: AM Best A+ S&P AA- Moody's A2

Company Description

Guaranteed level of income you cannot outlive if you choose a life annuity (This contract does not have a cash or loan value) The security of guaranteed fixed payments and the simplicity of a premium you pay just once The choice to receive your first income payment almost immediately after you purchase the contract, or you can defer it up to 20 years beyond the purchase date (in most states) Flexibility to tailor your annuity to fit your needs When you begin receiving annuity payments, they will be treated as part taxable income and part of your return investment.


Fixed Immediate Annuities, Longevity Insurance


New York

Minimum Premium or Deposit



Prudential Income Annuity

States Available

Not Available

Minimum Premium


Max Premium (without home office approval)


Issue Ages

Maximum issue age for life annuity is 89.

No deferred income benefits permitted for issue ages 70 and later.

Available Benefit Modes

Annually, Semi-Annually, Quarterly, Monthly

Life & Periods Certain Available

Yes, up to 40 years

Periods Certain Only Available

Yes; from 1 to 40 years

Joint & Survivor Available

Yes, with up to 100% continuation to survivor

Cash Refund Available

Yes, death benefit equals premium less sum of benefits received

Also, If you have deferred the first payment beyond one year, and you (single annuity) or both of you (joint and survivor annuity) die before payments begin, your beneficiary receives the greater of (a) the present value of the designated period payments, or (b) the purchase payment with interest credited beginning one year from the contract date, and until the date of payment.

Inflation Indexing Available


Cost of Living Adjustments Available


Premium Load (for Premium Tax)

One time fee of $200

Pricing: Male, 65, Pure Life, No COLA, $100,000 Premium

Not Available



Cash Value


Other Features

You can choose to receive your first income payment immediately after your purchase or at any time up to 20 years beyond the purchase date