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October 2011

Behavioral Economics & Your Retirement Income Plan


Suppose just as you were getting ready to retire someone knocked on your door and informed you that you just won $10M.  How would this news affect what you would do with your money?  The answer to this question could probably be put into one of five different types of responses: Answer Type #1:  “I… Read More →

Posted by John Bevacqua on October 31, 2011

Bonds & Interest Rate Risk


I can remember my first experience with interest rates.  It was when I purchased a CD from a bank, and I can recall how honest and straightforward the arrangement was – you give the bank your money for an agreed upon amount of time, after which you get your money back plus a little interest… Read More →

Posted by John Bevacqua on October 31, 2011

Buy and Hold: Why it Doesn’t Work During Retirement


Many retirement income planning “experts” suggest investing a portion of your portfolio in some form of diversified stock portfolio. The rationale often provided is that retirements can last as long as 60 years, which means that you both have a need to grow your investments to meet needs in the later years of retirement, as… Read More →

Posted by John Bevacqua on October 29, 2011

Creating a Well-Balanced Retirement Plan


Issue Elements of a well-balanced retirement plan: protection of principal, liquidity, growth, insurance. Remedies to common concerns and the flip sides of these crucial topics. Synopsis OK, I am going to let you in on a little secret.  There is no perfect investment or financial product for retirement (anyone who tells you otherwise is ill-informed… Read More →

Posted by John Bevacqua on October 12, 2011