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November 2011

Why Fee Only Financial Advice is Better

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When I was a consulting actuary, I once worked on an assignment for a life insurance company that involved examining their historical lapse rates – the percentage of customers that terminate their insurance each year.  When I first reviewed the results, I was puzzled by a “spike” a few years after the purchase date –… Read More →

Posted by John Bevacqua on November 29, 2011

“Second Wind” Strategies for Retirement Income

Second Wind

A little over a year ago I ran my first half-marathon.  Being a novice, I learned many things the hard way, such as not allowing my adrenaline to get the better of me at the beginning of the race.  One decision that proved to be shortsighted was not bringing the complementary glucose gel packets I… Read More →

Posted by John Bevacqua on November 28, 2011

Keep Your Retirement On Track with Put Options


If you could buy an insurance policy on your investment portfolio that made you whole if losses exceeded a specified amount, would you be interested? Believe it or not, you can create your own insurance policy that does exactly this using a security called a “put option“. OK, some of you who are reading this… Read More →

Posted by John Bevacqua on November 18, 2011

Annuity Risks & How to Reduce Them

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Mention annuities to someone preparing for retirement, and it is rarely received with a warm reaction.  Responses typically involve uttering comments such as “rip off”, “complicated”, “big commission”, or some similar characterization, usually in a not-so-subtle aversive tone. However, it has also been my experience that these same people are unable to describe an annuity, how… Read More →

Posted by John Bevacqua on November 13, 2011