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A Safer Way to Invest in Dividend Stocks

Dividend Protection

With interest rates pretty much at zero, conservative income investors have found themselves facing a predicament: take a big income pay cut or take on more investment risk.  Judging from the inflows into dividend stocks and equity income funds, it appears that many have chosen the path of assuming more investment risk.  Dividend income strategies… Read More →

Posted by John Bevacqua on November 23, 2012

Seven Reasons to Consider a Reverse Mortgage

reverse mortgage

OK, I’m sure you’re skeptical about any product that is pitched through paid advertising on late night cable television, especially something from the financial services industry.  I, too, was a bit skeptical when I first heard about reverse mortgages, but the closer I looked at them the more I began to appreciate how truly unique… Read More →

Posted by John Bevacqua on November 15, 2012

Can You Create Your Own Annuity?

Money Tree

Annuities have been on the receiving end of harsh criticism for as long as I can recall.  Typically, critics point to high fees and high commissions (although no-load annuities can easily be tracked down using a search engine); more legitimately, critics point to overly complex features that are confusing to consumers and difficult to evaluate. … Read More →

Posted by John Bevacqua on August 7, 2012

The Misunderstanding Of Life Expectancy & What It Means To Your Retirement


Perhaps the most misunderstood and inappropriately applied concept in retirement income planning is life expectancy, but it is absolutely essentially to get right for a long, healthy, and fulfilling retirement. Hopefully, the insights presented below will help clarify some of these common misconceptions and lead you to a better financial strategy for  retirement. Actuarial Digression… Read More →

Posted by John Bevacqua on March 30, 2012