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Can You Create Your Own Annuity?

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Annuities have been on the receiving end of harsh criticism for as long as I can recall.  Typically, critics point to high fees and high commissions (although no-load annuities can easily be tracked down using a search engine); more legitimately, critics point to overly complex features that are confusing to consumers and difficult to evaluate. … Read More →

Posted by John Bevacqua on August 7, 2012

Pension Cash Out: Should You or Shouldn’t You?


Ford Motors announced recently that they are going to offer a pension cash out to employees by electing for a lump sum in lieu of future income benefits, and it has been speculated that this option may be presented by many other pension plans in the near future. If you are offered such an option,… Read More →

Posted by John Bevacqua on April 28, 2012

A Retirement Income “Bucket” Strategy That’s Prone to Leaks


The internet and other technological advances have had a profound impact on the construction and delivery of financial advice.  Financial strategies can be customized more easily, and more robust portfolio strategies have emerged that can be both more intuitive to investors and more effective in meeting their goals and objectives. One such financial framework that… Read More →

Posted by John Bevacqua on April 17, 2012

Investing for Beginners: Playing the Odds Smartly


Each day, we are bombarded by storylines from the financial media about daily market trends and events that may yield a clue on where the next investment opportunity, or threat, may be.  The sensationalism is hard to ignore, to the point where we can feel that not responding to these insights may make us feel as though… Read More →

Posted by John Bevacqua on April 11, 2012